Edward Jones Mastercard
Frequently Asked Questions®

Using the Edward Jones Mastercard®


If you have the Edward Jones World or Edward Jones World Plus Mastercard you earn Loyalty Points® for all qualifying net purchases.1 Log in to your account and go to the Rewards Page. From there you can shop for a reward. You can also phone the Rewards Center at 1-888-229-8864 and a Rewards Service Advisor will assist with your redemption.
Loyalty Rewards will remain in your account until 11:00 p.m. Central Time on the last day of the calendar quarter that is 5 years from the date on which they were earned. For example, if you earned 50 Loyalty Points® in May 2018, these Loyalty Points® would expire June 30, 2023.1
Complete Program Rules are available on the Rewards Center website by clicking "Program Rules".


When you use your credit card for a purchase, the merchant will send your card number and purchase amount to the bank for an approval or an authorization. This authorization or pending transaction generally confirms that an account is open and the purchase amount is acceptable. The purchase amount sent for authorization varies by merchant type. Most merchants will request an authorization for the exact purchase amount and others may send an estimate that is more or less than the actual purchase amount.
It may take several business days for the actual purchase amount to replace the authorized amount on your account. Generally, the final purchase is deducted from your account within three business days. If the authorized amount does not match with an actual purchase amount within three business days, it will be removed from your account.
A pending transaction is deducted from your available credit but is not included in your account balance. The amount of the transaction will be added to your account balance and post to your account when the merchant determines the amount.
An authorization may vary from the final purchase amount in situations where there is an estimated authorization amount or a tip is involved.

Contactless payments use short-range wireless technology to securely complete payments between a contactless-enabled card or payment-enabled device and a contactless-enabled checkout terminal.

A contactless card is a chip card that has a near field communication (NFC) antenna, which enables close-range payments. When you tap your contactless card at a contactless-enabled checkout terminal (near the Contactless Symbol ), your payment is sent for authorization.

For more information on contactless payments, visit edwardjonescreditcard.com/contactless.

Hotels are allowed to request an authorization for an amount based on your length of stay, all applicable taxes, plus any additional expected dollar amount(s). Cruise lines and car rental agencies also follow this practice. Upon making your reservation, we suggest you ask for the total amount of the authorization.
A pending transaction cannot be disputed because it isn't final. The transaction may change or may never post to your account if the merchant does not finalize it. If you have questions about or do not recognize a pending transaction, check with any secondary or authorized users on your account to see if they made the transaction. If you still have questions, contact the merchant for details. Once the transaction has posted, if you still do not agree with the transaction, please contact Cardmember Service at 866-874-6711.


AutoPay allows you to schedule payments to be made automatically to your Edward Jones Mastercard account on a recurring basis from a checking or savings account. Your credit card bill is paid each month according to the schedule and amount you specify when you set up AutoPay. You'll never need to worry about due dates or missed payments.
You are required to view the AutoPay Terms and Conditions during the AutoPay set up process. To review after set up has been completed, log in to your Edward Jones Mastercard account online and go to the Payments page, choose to View AutoPay Setup, and then click on “View AutoPay Terms and Conditions” link to print a copy for your records.
When you choose “Make A Payment” you are scheduling a single payment to be made on a specified date. By setting up AutoPay, you are scheduling recurring payments to be made automatically every month to your credit card.
Your bill is paid each month on the day you select during enrollment. If this day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the payment will be posted on the next business day.
Past authorizations can be viewed by clicking on “View Payment History” and future authorizations can be viewed and modified by clicking on “View AutoPay Setup.” Please note that payments will not be located in the Payment History until after the chosen payment date.
You can change your AutoPay payment amount or payment date within "View AutoPay Setup." Select “Edit” or “Delete” under the AutoPay Setup table.
Your AutoPay payment will display as "pending" after your monthly statement is produced up until two business days prior to your scheduled payment date. Within two business days, your payment is moved from "pending" to "processing" while a permanent record is created that will post in your transaction history on your payment date. Once a payment displays as "processing," changes cannot be made to this payment.
Your statement is designed to make it easy to view important information on your account. Learn more about reading your statement (PDF).2
AutoPay can be canceled within "View AutoPay Setup." Select “Delete” under the AutoPay Setup table.
Your payment will be made on the next business day. For example, if your payment is set up for the 30th of every month, in February your payment would be made on the first business day in March.
Yes, if you currently receive a statement in the mail, your paper statement will reflect the AutoPay amount each month. If you receive your statements online, your online statement will reflect the AutoPay amount each month.
If you have a balance remaining on your account when it is closed, your AutoPay service will continue until you modify or cancel it. If your account has a $0 balance at closing, no further action is required to discontinue AutoPay.
Payments can be changed within “View Payment Schedule” on the Payments page by selecting “Edit”. Modifications are allowed up until 7 p.m. CT the day your payment is scheduled to be made. If this day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the payment will be posted on the next business day.
Payments can be canceled within “View Payment Schedule” on the Payments page by selecting “Delete”. Cancellations are allowed up until 7 p.m. CT the day your payment is scheduled to be made.
If you have questions regarding your payment, please contact Cardmember Service 866-874-6711.

Account Alerts

Account Alerts are opt-in notifications that notify you via email or text when specified account activity occurs
We currently offer the following alerts:
  • Notification that the online statement is available for viewing.
  • Notification when your balance exceeds the amount you specify.
  • Notification of when your payment is due.
  • Notification when a payment is posted to your account.
  • Notification when your payment is overdue.
  • Notification when credits are posted to your account.
  • Notification when debits are posted to your account.
  • Notification when a transaction authorization has been made to your account.
  • Notification when a transaction has been made without the card being present.
You can choose a combination of up to three email addresses or mobile numbers.
Check to make sure your email addresses and mobile number are correct. Sometimes Internet Service Providers deliver the alert to your "Bulk" email box. To ensure that you receive your Account Alerts, please add us to your address book. If you continue to have problems, please call Cardmember Service at the number on the back of your card.
You can change your email address or mobile number for your Account Alerts by choosing to edit your alert and modifying the address.
You can deactivate your Account Alerts by going to the Alerts page and deleting the alert.
Yes. Only the last four digits of your account number are sent in an Account Alert. However, if alerts are being sent to your mobile device and that device becomes lost or stolen, you can deactivate your Account Alerts by going to the Alerts page. This will stop the alerts from being sent.
To protect your security and privacy, and ensure it is not viewed by anyone else, we strongly suggest that you close your browser immediately after reviewing your Account Alerts.
Yes. You can view the history of the alerts that were sent to you by looking at the Alert page. The history of your alerts is saved for 90 days.
We may send alerts multiple times a day to ensure you receive timely information regarding your accounts. Many alerts are delivered when an actual transaction posts to your account; some of your transactions post to your account in real-time, while other transactions only post once a day. You can expect to receive alerts no later than one business day from the triggering event. If you have any questions, please call Cardmember Service at 866-874-6711.