Spend Analysis Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Spend Analysis is a free online tool that allows you to monitor your Edward Jones Mastercard spending through the use of easy-to-read charts and graphs, helping to trend spending patterns over various time periods. Spend Analysis also offers additional reports that help you better manage your Edward Jones Mastercard credit card spending overall.
Spend Analysis is FREE for all Edward Jones Mastercard® cardmembers through Online Account Access.
Spend Analysis is updated once a month, by the fifth business day.
No. Spend Analysis does not replace your current Edward Jones Mastercard monthly statement. Spend Analysis is a supplemental tool that provides a combined overview of your credit card spending activity, plus additional reports to help manage your card spending overall.
Spend Analysis uses pre-defined categories and only includes purchases and returns from your Edward Jones Mastercard. Financial management software like QuickBooks® may include a broader picture of your finances.
There is a rolling 36 months’ worth of history available within Spend Analysis. Select the time periods you wish to compare through various date controls found on the Spend or Reports tab.

Yes. You can print the report in one of two ways. To print the page you are viewing, select Print from the Spend Analysis navigation bar and it will launch the print function from your browser menu. Spend Analysis will print the entire Spend or Reports page.

To download or save the Spend or Reports information available within Spend Analysis, select Download from the Spend Analysis navigation bar. Then select the format (i.e., PDF, Image, Excel [Version 2000 or later] or CSV).

To download or save a report, select a Download option from the radio buttons available in the report criteria section.

Yes. You can download the information from Spend Analysis into Microsoft Excel, PDF or CSV format and then import into these systems. For information on importing data into QuickBooks, visit QuickBooks support
Spend Analysis includes purchases and returns associated with your Edward Jones Mastercard®.
These transaction types are excluded from your Total Spending because they may result in an overstatement of your Total Spending.
Mastercard® has assigned every merchant to a specific category or classification. When you make a credit card purchase, information is received about the classification along with information about your purchase, and the classification is used to categorize your transaction. If a merchant is a large company with many different departments, we cannot specify the department from which the item was purchased.
No. All transactions are automatically categorized based upon the pre-defined categories.